Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Cover Concept #1 & #2

I am finalizing the concept for the cover of my next book: Tomorrow Is A Long Time

I would love to hear what others think of the two covers and give me feedback before I let my editor know which one I prefer. I love the digitized photo I picked from my portfolio.

Concept #2


  1. I'm drawn to the first one. If I were in a book store that is the one I would pick up first. Very intriguing.

  2. I like #2 better.

    I like the tan stone colored borders on #1 where you have the type But IMHO I feel the colored phot looks out of place. So maybe use the phot in more monochromatic hues in keeping w/the stone panels. just my opinion.

  3. Is this second book part of a series with the first book? If so you should keep the look and feel similar so when they're on the shelf (or even the "shelf" when talking Amazon) next to each other they'll be recognizable as both having come from you. Think of recent series - Twilight, 50 Shades, Hunger Games - as they all have a similar structure to the cover so you know they're a package deal. If this book is not part of a series it's probably better to go with cover #2 so it doesn't confuse a reader. Both are great, both intriguing!

    Suggestion though...increase the font size of your name in both cases.

    1. You are completely right about the covers!

  4. I definitely like cover #1 better.


  5. I like the first better. But I also think that you should keep it similar to the book that comes before this one. As to make the series really seem like a series.