Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Best Kept Secret!

DH and I decided to visit the lighthouses along the Jersey Shore to see how they made out after Sandy. Since we would be going all the way up to Navesink Lighthouse, he thought we might have time to visit the Russian 9/11Memorial.

I had never heard of a Russian 9/11 Memorial.

The directions to the memorial in Bayonne were great.  Better than the directions out to the lighthouses. The person who made the lighthouse notes forgot to say whether you are coming from the north or south.

We would stay in Jersey City. Since we would be close to New York City I suggested we take a ferry over to Battery Park and visit the New York 9/11 Memorial. Well that turned out a completely new adventure.

Memorial in Bayonne, New Jersey.

 Mary Catherine Campbell 3 / 20 / 2013


  1. What a fascinating memorial. I hope the lighthouses survived Sandy.

    1. The road to Sandy Hook lighthouse was washed out. But they feel that since it was on high ground it would be okay. The rest of the lighthouses were fine.

      Thanks for stopping by!